Waste Management


Athens implemented a citizen-centered waste management plan after sourcing ideas across the city.

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Long Beach

Startup Support


Long Beach is supporting local innovators with powerful new tools secured through problem-based procurements.

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Smart City


Philadelphia developed a strategy to better coordinate IoT usage among city departments.

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NEW ORleans

Digital Equity


New Orleans looked for new ways to bridge the digital divide for its underserved populations.

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Autonomous Vehicles


Austin sourced more than 75 great ideas across departments on improving service delivery with AV.

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NEW York City

Call for Innovations

NYC thumbnail

New York City wanted to embrace innovative technology solutions while bypassing the traditional procurement process. 

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Traffic Safety

Broad Street  and City Hall, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.-887825-edited-283803-edited.jpeg

Philadelphia approached a pressing issue - traffic safety - with problem-solving, not purchase-ordering.

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Social Care Services 

dallas skyline resized

Dallas addressed its fragmented social care system by actively engaging employees and providers.

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Healthcare Access

Santiago Chile

The Government of Chile needed to reframe its public health problems and take a new approach to improving service delivery.  

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San Francisco

Street Lighting

San Francisco Skyline

San Francisco learned to rethink a priority street lighting procurement to deliver results faster. 

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